6 Best Sites to Find and Download Free Fonts For Windows and Mac

Every web designer seeks for the best font for his project. Selecting the best fonts for designing is very vital since this may increase the attractiveness of the site resulting in higher traffic. In this post I would introduce you to the 6 best websites that offer a collection of excellent fonts for free.
Urban Fonts is one of the best font web designing resource offering more than 8000 fonts for free. Each of which is very unique and amazing in its own way. The fonts are grouped alphabetically and they can also be searched by category. The selection of fonts is interesting and unique, and there is no way you wont find what you're after.
This website presently has a collection of free fonts more than 13,460 to choose from, with new fonts being added every week. Abstract Fonts has a very useful collection of calligraphy fonts, and remember to check out the doodle fonts as well.

3. Fawnt
Fawnt is one of the leading  font resource for designers, developers, and all those who love free fonts. It has more than 10,000 fonts, most of which are free. The fonts are showcased on the home page in neat little speech bubbles for easy viewing and selecting.

4. Dafont
Dafont has a collection more than 8000 free fonts, all of which are very easy to download on Windows and Macintosh. The front page looks bit crowded, but you will find it very easy and simple browsing the different types of fonts to find your favourite ones.

5. Fonts2U
This website is by far the largest  collection of free fonts for Windows and Mac, with fonts currently numbering more than 45,000. The best part is that they also  offer  fonts in different languages apart from English, such as German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. I particularly loved the Movies category, in which the fonts used in movies and their posters are made available to the downloader.

The best part about the Search Free Fonts website is its interesting search by keyword option. If you have a indistinct idea in your mind about the type of font you want, but have no idea how to search for it, you should try this website. For example, if you want a font which is in connection with Christmas and Santa. You need to do is search with the keyword Santa, and the site will give you  a good number of appropriate fonts. It is a very useful facility if you are looking for a certain type of font.

There are a lot more site that offer similar resources just like those mentioned above. But I think with this great list you will surely find whatever font you will need. Please don't be selfish share this post with your colleagues.


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