Generally, blogger do not support posting to different pages. This issue has been raised several times by many blogger users of which I’m no exception. There was a time I have to search for how this could be done but the only message I was reading all around was…
"Sorry, that's not how Blogger works.   So called "static" pages in Blogger are meant to be used for reference information that doesn't change often, which you don't want to be part of your regular post-feed, but which you do want users to have easy access to."

With this kind of message you might think it is not possible to show your labels on the menu bar. Fortunately, I have discovered the trick of doing this and it’s so easy and simple.

Just Follow the Steps below;

Step one.
Make sure you have labeled your posts already. I mean categorizing them using the labels gadget.

Step two.
·         Go to blogger Login your account
·         Now navigate to Design > Page Elements
·         Click on “Add a Gadget” button below of your blog header.
A pop up window will appear on your screen, choose a Link List gadget from the pop up window. 

Step three
Now, to add labels to the menu bar, you have to go to your blog and copy the link address of the label by right clicking on the label (which you want to add to site link).

 Paste that link into the Link list pop up window and give it a name and then press add link.

The Link List Gadget
When you are done, don’t forget to save link list.

Remember: don’t give a title to the link list gadget. Only mention Site URL and Site Name in the Link List pop up window. Also it is advisable to give short names to your labels in the ‘New Site Name” field… like Blogging Tips, Themes or SEO. 

This is to ensure that you have enough space in your menu bar to add more labels. This is because your menu bar is limited in width.

Also these steps apply when adding pages to the menu bar as well.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below if you did not get any of the steps right.


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