To Blog Or Not To Blog?

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Good morning to all of you out there in the massive internet world. Many thanks for stopping in to read my blog that I wrote today. Blogging a few years back was an unknown term to many people, unless you happened to had been an internet marketing specialist or a dedicated web-surfer. Many would hear the term on the radio or read it in a newspaper and they would wonder what precisely it was.
I believe its reasonable to say that today the majority of common people know what it is. Its funny to me that something that is been around for so long can be re-designed in a technique to look fresh to the loads of people everywhere. What I am saying by that is questioned in this following sentence. How long have people around the globe been writing? I might venture a guess to say they have been writing or scratching since the start of humankind.
Writing has taken on many different forms as we have developed to where we are at today. It might have started with sticks pushing sand or dust around to sketch and write symbols and characters. In any case of what ever precisely happened, its a sure thing that somebody was writing all way back in the start.
Now this has not truly changed as a basis in today's world. Everyone that communicates has to do so by some variety of system of their selecting. How long have papers been around? A very long time. The point of all this is to reflect back on how writing has developed into many various forms, but is actually just the same as it ever was.
The idea for many writers (myself included) is to join with as many folk as I am able to and create a wonderful and dependable following to my writings. I do accept that if you write sufficiently well to connect in the right way to your spectators, you may become noticed and be propelled up to the top where you can make a decent living by simply providing others with what they are searching for. 


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