Top 10 Amazing Subscription Widgets For Blogger Blogs

Are you searching for some amazing subscription widgets for your blog? Well, today ends your journey! Subscription widgets are of no doubt very essential to every blogger who wants to have a solid loyal readers. Making your blog easily for readers to subscribe actually increase blog traffic which of course is the core goal of every blogger. In todays update, I'm sharing with you the top 10 most amazing subscription widgets; which I'm very much aware that all blogspot users would love it.

This widget is really a useful one. It displays the total number of subscribers, contains RSS link, Facebook link, Twitter and E-mail subscription form. This widget is also made to work compatibly with all the web browsers.

This is a Cool Feed Icon and Subscription Email Form To The Sidebar of Your Blogs. As you can see, it's so attractive and cute which I know your readers will definitely gonna love it!

This is the Mashable sharing widget for blogger. This widget is featured on Mashable as their official sharing widget. Actually this  a wordpress plugin which has been converted to work with blogger blogs too. Feel free to experience the Mashable inspirational sharing widget.

This widget looks very awesome and is mostly found on wordpress blogs. It's great to have it here at blogger too. It has facebook like and send buttons making it easier for readers to like and share your post. There are also follow buttons Like RSS,Twitter and facebook. It's mostly placed at the bottom of the post.

This is the classic subscribe button for for blogger blogs. It has a professional look with  the famous sharing platforms (RSS,Twitter, Facebook). Interestingly, it automatically fit every side bar, irrespective of the size.

This is a pro subscription widget and it looks very attractive. Note that blog readers or subscribers are the image of our blogs. Adding subscription forms is really worth it.

Prompting your visitors to subscribe increase the number of your subscribers. That is why it is vital for blog owners to place a subscription box just like this one at the end of each post.

I personally love this subscription box. It's so cute and that is what am using on this blog. Simple to edit and install. Trust me every reader will like this subscription box.

Add a Cool Feed Icon and Subscription Email Form To The Sidebar of Your blogs.


I know by now you have already chosen your subscription widget from the list above. However, if you know of any awesome subscription widget but was not mentioned in the list above then please let's here from you in the comment section. Thanks for choosing Smart Updates; your ultimate source of blogging tips and resources.



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