Zero Blog Comments So Far? Read This Article Now

All bloggers understand that basic principle of the dynamics involving developing a community of interested readers. People who arrive on a blog for the first time have a habit of checking to see what kind of comment activity there is. All of this is a bit obvious, but many bloggers may not realize they can help that process along. The rest of this article is devoted to strategies you can directly use that will hopefully give your readers the desire to comment on your posts.

The first thing you want to do is make the very conscious decision to seek out ways to pull readers deeper into your blog community. There are many ways you can tell people to leave a comment, and it is not too pushy to tell them if you say it the right way. You can't simply sit there and expect comments to rain on each of your posts. One thing you can do is ask a question based from the post they just read, and then tell them you want to know their answers. What you can do is test this out, and we think you will be surprised at the results if you do it just right.

 Now let's talk about using your content, and in this method you want to think about using controversy.

People seem to love getting upset, and then they vent that in the comments part of a site. The last thing you want is to create serious controversy, unless you want to do that. But remember you have to protect your blog and business, and you just want something that people will want to talk about. This is something that you do not want to necessarily do with every post otherwise people may get burned out.

We all know we are all human, but businesses tend to avoid letting that be revealed forsome reason. For example, if one of your posts has a spelling mistake or a grammatical error, and gets pointed out by your readers, then be gracious enough to thank him/her. When you do that, people will definitely take note of it and it is good public relations, and that is how you build rapport. But also, you can be firm with people if necessary and assert yourself if you have to, but just be professional about it. There are many different reasons as to why your blog doesn't have a high activity rate, but if you look around, you'll notice that most of the popular blogs don't face this problem. Remember that if your relationship with your readers is weak, then you have to give these strategies some time. Do all you can that will give you as much marketing edge, and it will pay off in time. Get in the habit of being an action taker, and eventually things will begin to break through for you.


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