Increase Your Blog's RSS subscriber base

Making people have the desire to go back to your blog often is one of the more difficult challenges for blogging webmasters. Of course you want to have the greatest number of regular readers you can get. You need to attack this using all the tools you have, and your RSS feed and subscribers will come into the foray. So think about what you can do here, your subscribers are just like a tap that you can turn on and create more blog traffic. The following guidelines can be safely and successfully rolled-out just as soon as you're done reading.

Lots of people like subscribing to things through email, not RSS feeds. So, how do you take care of them? The simple fact is that there still aren't that many people who know about RSS. This is why you need to set your feed up for email subscriptions too. Sure this is a simple thing to do but it can help you out tremendously. It's possible to get so many more subscribers if they have the option of subscribing to you through email. That doesn't mean, though, that you can stop teaching people about RSS. This is still important, absolutely, but you shouldn't discount the importance of email.

Another strategy here is to promote your RSS feed with blog commenting, and this is something that not everybody does. They may want to generate more traffic through the comments; or they may want to build a relationship with that blog's readers. What you want to do is work this in in your efforts for more RSS subscribers, and this can be done effectively. The way you do this is very easy, and you use the field for your URL for your RSS feed link. You can get a user friendly RSS feed URL through Feedburner.

Your blog subscription needs to be very easy to sign up for. People are lazy by nature and they don't want to go through a lot of steps. You need to make sure the process is as short as possible. You don't want the process to be intimidating for your readers. Make an effort to keep the number of clicks that people need to make to subscribe to your feed as low as possible. The experience that you give you to your readers should be wholesome. Everything needs to be to the point and highly targeted on your blog.

So then you can use this approach with your RSS to turn visitors into something more. But do not overlook this or ignore it because you are leaving something good on the table. Of course this is not some overnight method, and it will take time to see profound results. Go ahead and put the above tips into action on your blog, and then you'll see for yourself the difference RSS can make.


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