Some Useful Widgets or Add-Ons for your Blog or Website

Adding widgets or plugins to your blog does not only make it fun but also plays a major role  in terms of reader interaction and experience. Many a times, several blogger widgets are found on almost every blog but there are others which are still not in use but really useful. In this article  I will unveil all the useful widgets that are kept behind scenes. Below are some compiled list of widgets that are really awesome and interesting to use on blogs.

Sharethis or Addthis social bookmarking buttons makes it easy for your visitors to share your content with others. It is a good way to increase your link popularity and publicity. Their nice css dropdown icons reduces the clutter on your pages and eliminates the need to add a different button for each social bookmarking service.

This is a real time visitor tracking widget and displays 
the number of people currently on your site and what pages they are
reading. You don't need any sign-up's to grab this widget.

With this widget installed, your visitors can easily download
your articles in PDF format with just a click. The downloaded PDF's are
free of any advertising and you can get full access to download stats,etc.

 With Zoho Creator, you can create professional online
contact forms/web forums in minutes. The good things about this is
there are no data limits and readers can also upload attachments while
submitting the form.

 Google Talk Badge will let your visitors to
chat with you.The badge will active whenever you sign in to
Googletalk. The nice thing is your visitors can chat with you even
if they don't have a google account.

 With this very useful widget, you can easily add a simple media player to your blog which can auto detect mp3 links and create an embedded player. This tool is very useful for especially audio,music blogs.

 Cbox or Chatbox is a chat widget which can be easily embedded
in any web page. It is free and have many features including message
history, spam blocking,etc. It can be easily customizable to fit your
blog layout.

 This widget lets your non-English speaking
visitors to quickly translate your webpage in their native
language with just a single click.


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