Where to Find the Best Backlinks

Where to Find the Best Backlinks
The key to succeeding with any kind of blog or website is making it easy for targeted visitors to find it. Since getting quality traffic to your site is of the utmost important, it only makes sense to look to the places that can provide you with the largest amount of traffic -Google and other search engines. Most people use the search engines to find what they're seeking online, which means that if you can manage to rank highly for your selected keywords, you can get lots of targeted traffic that's free. Out of all the tactics you can use to rank well, the most effective is getting backlinks.

Ask, ask and ask: One of the easiest ways to generate backlinks is to ask other webmasters and bloggers for it. You have nothing to lose by asking for backlinks, and in many cases you'll get a positive reply. It's essential, though, to make the request in the right way. You can't just send off an email to someone that says, "please link to my site." You'll have to send out an email that explains a little about your site, and that shows some genuine interest in theirs. Be friendly and don't be in a hurry to make your request. When you approach people this way, they'll not only be more likely to give you backlinks, but you can start to develop connections with other marketers.

Publish Press Releases: The reason why press releases work so well when it comes to backlinking is because once you get a release published and distributed, it will be syndicated by hundreds of targeted news sites and blogs in no time. And every time someone publishes your press release on their site, it gives you a backlink. This is truly a smart and advantageous way to utilize these online press release distribution channels to suit the goals of your website building backlinks. Just make sure that you're not publishing the press release for the heck of it; you need to give away some value in it - it has to be worth linking to.

Use Squidoo/HubPages: There are many sites available where you can post content and build pages, but these two are among the best and you can trust them to give you worthy backlinks. You get a valuable backlink when you put your text into anchor text using these sites to build your pages.

In conclusion, from the above article we come to understand that building backlinks is all about diversifying your efforts and using multiple resources to achieve that purpose. While it can seem tedious to have to build backlinks all the time, this is something every website owner has to do to rise in the rankings.


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