WinZip 15 Pro Final + Serials

File archiving and compression have been around since even before the days of DOS and the Apple II. Back then, when files were tiny compared to today’s, but they would occasionally get too big to conveniently store or transfer. File compression was a logical next step, as there are unused bits in all files, like the spaces between the molecules of matter.

WinZip Computing, a Corel company, has been a leader in this field for 20 years, and it is still going strong. Now it has come out with a new version, WinZip 15 Pro, that continues to provide standard-forging file compression. In addition, it has made improvements to the user interface that make it a bit easier to deal with.

With the newest version, WinZip has integrated a brand new compression engine, which has marked improvement compared with the previous one. We found that although text-only documents typically were made only 2 percent smaller on average — indicating that this might be the theoretical limit for these files — many other types had better results. For example, a typical 90K spreadsheet file would compress 77 percent as a .zip file, and 84 percent as a .zipx file. It even performed better with .jpg files, the bane of any compression program. They would pack together by 30 percent, which was 10 percent more than the old way.



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